Simply SEamless

DNA Assembly and cloning kit


A Next Generation Cloning and DNA assembly kit that is Efficient, Precise , Flexible and Simply easy to use !


Simply Seamless is a proprietary enzyme mix from Synovance.

Simply Seamless facilitates the assembly of DNA fragments via homologous terminal regions without leaving any extra sequences behind (Seamless Assembly). Cloning is now a simple incubation step followed by classical transformation into chemically competent E. coli cells, yielding clones the next day.

Our Simply Seamless Cloning and DNA Assembly Kit enables:

– The simultaneous and directional cloning of 1 to 4 DNA fragments.

– DNA fragments can be either synthetic DNA purchased from a commercial  provider or PCR fragments.

– The assembly is completely sequence independent, no need to add or remove restriction sites.

– Can direct fragments into any location within any vector of your choice.

– The reaction is complete within 15-30 mins at 37°C.

Simply Seamless Kit is the choice for creating all of your DNA constructs! 

Figure 1: Assembly of four 1kb PCR products. a) Diagram
illustrating the assembly of four 1 kb fragments containing 25 bp homologous overlap regions b) 1% Agarose gel comparing the two assembly reactions: 1. Simply Seamless, 2. Competitor. 100 ng of each PCR fragment was assembled in each reaction. The 4kb band is the fully assembled product.

Figure 2: Cloning of a single fragment into a
vector. a) 1% Agarose gel comparing the two assembly reactions: 1. Simply Seamless, 2. Competitor. 100 ng of a PCR fragment (3.8 kb) was cloned into a vector (2.9 kb) in each reaction. The 6.82 kb band is the fully assembled product. b) Graph comparing the number of transformants (CFUs/ml) from the two different reactions. 3 ul of each 10 ul reaction was transformed and plated on LB with ampicillin.

Efficiency: Several fragments can simultaneously be put together in a single reaction with extremely high fidelity.

Flexibility: Design and add almost any sequence you desire in any combination you need. Use your own vector tools or engineer completely new ones to fit your needs. 

Precision: Engineer the exact sequence that you design for performing precise genome edits at any desired location on the genome. 

Simple and Fast: Design of the 25 bp homologies is easy and the assembly reaction is fast. This frees you up to spend your time on other projects, increasing your lab’s productivity.


Vector construction

Assemble multiple fragments to precisely create large constructs that contain no unwanted sequences (scars) in a single highly efficient reaction. Save weeks of work by circumventing the need for restriction enzymes, de-phosphorylation, ligations, reaction clean-up, and loss of your precious DNA!

Metabolic Engineering

Simultaneously assemble complex biosynthetic pathways that consist of multiple DNA fragments in a single 30-minute reaction. Use any linearized vector of your choice, no restriction digestion or recombination sites are required or forbidden. Your assembled product can be used to insert, delete or exchange DNA segments in genome engineering projects.

Therapeutics / Diagnostics

Construct tools for protein production and engineering diagnostic kits. Using the sequence of your choice you can precisely piece together any construct that you design without any sequence constraints. 


Synthetic Genomics offers endless possibilities for advancing both Research and Industrial activities. These projects will benefit from our Highly-Efficient and Affordable DNA Assembly technologies. Complex genetic programs can be re-wired and incorporated into genomes that have been optimized for efficiency and robustness from the “bottom up”.

Why us?

We are team of experts in genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, genomics, synthetic biology and industrial operations.

Cloning Experts

With over two thousand unique constructs cloned and engineered over the last 15 years, we know molecular biology. To improve all your engineering pipelines, we are making our resources available to you.

Efficiency Saves Time

Getting the job done correctly the first time with Simply Seamless saves you time and the frustration of de-bugging, re-cloning, screening and losing precious DNA.

Cost Reduction

As a member of the GP-Write consortium, we are driven to improve the efficiency while reducing the costs associated with the use of synthetic DNA and large-scale genome assembly projects.

Expertise and Services

Spend your time designing not engineering! Let us do all the Molecular Biology for you. Our team has has jointly over than 40 years of experience cloning and genome engineering.

We are proud to be a member of GP-Write consortium!

We offer a full range of services, from cloning, gene knock-outs, genomic integrations / mutations, library construction. Don’t hesitate, We Can Help! For more information, please send us email at and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 


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